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Is Your Upholstery Going From Cozy Spot to Unclean, Messy Look?

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Your favorite spot on the sofa or in an armchair creates a serious need for regular upholstery cleaning treatments.

Because we all spend so much time in our favorite cozy spots, they start to collect stains, dirt and allergens. If left untreated your beautiful upholstery starts to break down. The upholstery looks dirty and worn and starts tearing and breaking at the seams.

At Carpet Care Specialist, we offer you a full-service upholstery cleaning treatment that cleans even the dirtiest sofa or armchair completely. We know how much you love your upholstery, so trust us to return to you a clean and comfortable space to rest your head.


Experienced, Knowledgeable Service


Our highly-trained upholstery cleaning technicians treat all fabrics and textiles with tender care and attention. Our technicians know how to meet every need of individual fabrics including cotton, silk, leather, micro fiber, and suede. They clean your upholstery completely without harming its original look or feel.

When Carpet Cleaning Specialist finishes your upholstery cleaning treatment, you will enjoy quality results that restore the cleanliness and coziness of your favorite spot.                


Upholstery Cleaning of Sofa Cushion


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