Ten Good Cleaning Tips:

  1. Clean your wall to wall carpet as often as you need – it’s an investment that goes to waste otherwise.
  2. For wall-to-wall carpet, the best thing to do is calling a professional cleaner.
  3. For example, using a hair drier to dry your damaged carpet will only seal the damaged permanently. That way you call a professional.
  4. Vacuum your Carpets often. It keeps dirt off and keeps its soft qualities for much longer. Vacuum at least once a week, and even more than that, in heavy traffic areas.
  5. Rotate your area rugs at least once a month. It will keep the unavoidable wear and tear to a minimum and evens out the differences.
  6. When possible, pick up or try to get out, gently, solids, and blot liquids off the rug. Time is of the essence here also.
  7. Vacuum your rugs also. As important as with wall to wall carpets, vacuuming gives your rugs extra life.
  8. With upholstery, you have to know exactly which fabric and read on the web what the best method for each type of fabric is. This can be crucial, in some cases.
  9. Softly brush your upholstery weekly. Just as in vacuuming, which you should apply to your upholstery too, brushing keeps its qualities for much longer.
  10. Lastly, in brief, the best thing you can do is to simply maintain your household items, and when you need a professional, call a professional. This is the best way to keep its value, look, and feel.