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Protect Your Carpets with Professional Pet Stain Removal Services

You love your cat or dog, but you don’t always love the messes they leave on your carpet. Since most cats and dogs eventually have a potty accident in the house, the smell of urine in your carpet may be overpowering. Even if the smell seems to diminish with time, the damage to your carpet does not. Pet stain removal services from Carpet Care Specialists quickly eliminates the odor and restores the look and feel of your carpet.

Why Professional Cleaning is Best

Most pet owners wipe up urine with towels, cover the area with a room deodorizer, and assume that the problem is solved. This is rarely the case. When your dog or cat urinates on the carpet, it travels to the carpet fibers, backing, padding, and eventually settles on the sub floor. Once it has penetrated this deeply, the odor can become permanent. That’s why it is so important to contact a professional pet stain removal company as soon as possible. In addition to a long-standing odor, you also run the risk of permanent staining if you wait too long or use home remedies to clean up your pet’s accident.

We Also Get Rid of the Bacteria

Because urine is acidic, it is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. This puts you, your family members, and all of your pets at risk of becoming ill. Our professional grade equipment and powerful cleaning agents eliminate approximately 99.9 percent of all germs and bacteria caused by your pet’s urine. Once we finish cleaning your carpet, it will be just as if your cat or dog never had a potty accident in the house.

All Types of Pet Stain Removal Services Available

Feces and vomit on your carpet are the other unpleasant realities of owning a pet. However, you don’t have to deal with any of these messes on your own when you become a customer of Carpet Care Specialists. We have served the Emerald Coast of Florida for the past 30 years and look forward to working with you too.

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