Even though our name is Carpet Care Specialists, our cleaning service is also available to homeowners with tile floors. We understand that tile floors can get just as dirty as carpeted ones, sometimes even more so. Unlike carpeted floors, the dirt has no place to hide. This can cause grout to form between the tiles, permanent staining, and the formation of mold. Because of our experience and skills, our cleaning crew can detect grout development before you ever see it. 

If you neglect tile care for too long, you could end up with dull-looking floors that look old long before their time. Grout that is allowed to grow unchecked eventually eats through the tiles and causes them to break apart. You have no choices but to replace all of the tiles when this happens.

How We Get Your Tiled Floor Looking as Good as New

Before we start cleaning your floor, we must determine how it was constructed. The type of materials determine how we approach cleaning it. We then sweep and vacuum your tile floor to ensure that we remove dirt and debris before we start the actual cleaning process. Next, our professional cleaners pre-treat your tiled floor, scrub it by hand, and rinse it clean. We use high-powered drying equipment because we understand that you want to walk on your floor as soon as possible.

Keeping Grout at Bay Between Appointments

Regular professional cleaning is the best thing you can do to extend the life of your floor tiles by keeping them free of grout. You should also check the cracks between your tiles frequently and wipe away any grout or mold that you see developing. We recommend using a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water to remove light staining. When you notice deeper staining, be sure to schedule a cleaning from Carpet Care Specialists as soon as possible.