Hardwood floor cleaning is a very important factor of owning wooden floors. Without regular cleaning, those immaculate hardwood floors can quickly deteriorate, lose its shine, and cause long-term issues for you in the future. This article will discuss four reasons why regular cleaning is important.

Hidden Grit

It may seem like hardwood floors wouldn’t need as much vacuuming as carpets, but that’s only because you can’t see the grit as clearly as you can on carpet. With hardwood floors, there is plenty of dust and grit that gets caught underfoot which can destroy the finish. Weekly vacuuming will prevent this.

Mysterious Clouding 

Have you ever looked at your hardwood floor or other wood furnished pieces in your home and wondered why it looked so cloudy? Excessive use of hairspray could be the culprit. If you ever use hairspray when you are standing on a hardwood floor, clean the area up with a window cleaner so you don’t run the risk of damaging your beautiful floors.

Rain Stains

Be careful about traipsing in rain or snow from your boots into your home. When water hits wooden floors it will not only ruin the wood finish, but damage the wood. Sop up any water residue off the floors to prevent staining. One way to protect your floors from this is laying a welcome mat at the front of the doorstep.

Easy Wear

Areas of your hardwood floor that are frequently walked across can wear the wood finish quickly. Prevent this by adding a few throw rugs. You do want to look at the material of the rug before using it as rugs with rubber backing can create humidity which will damage the wood.